International Consulting

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A map of the United States with Arizona, California and Florida highlighted.


Site evaluation for proposed studio development in Phoenix. Advised developer, elected officials and universities on production incentives, infrastructures, training, and financial implications of a studio based business.


Comprehensive Southern California market and infrastructure analysis, conceptual site planning, consulting local universities, developers and potential investors on production and business impacts.

Operating Financial Analysis of NBC Studios, Burbank. Assessment of potential, unrealized revenues, operating structures and Annual Operating Overview for potential buyer.


Site evaluation to repurpose an existing facility in Sarasota. Advised government officials, city managers, developers and local Universities on viability of the conversion and potential operating and financial impacts.

A building in Arizona.
A Blueprint for a building in California.
An aerial view of a building in California.
A building in Florida.
A map of the United States with Georgia, New Jersey, New Mexico, and New York highlighted.


Initial Site Evaluation and Financial Analysis of an existing film and television studio in Senoia, later used as the basis for studio marketing and management contract.

New Jersey

Comprehensive Market & Studio Service Analysis, conceptual Site Planning and Operating Financial Overviews to determine viability of a ground-up studio development in Camden.

New Mexico

Analysis of existing studio, including; Site Evaluation, Operating Financial Evaluation, Operations Analysis, advising government officials, Union officers and local producers.

New York

Commissioned to advise on applications of nanoscale science to LED production lighting, motion capture and post production systems for SUNY Poly Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering.

An aerial view of a building in Georgia.
A blueprint for a building in New Jersey.
A building in New Mexico.
A Building in New York.
A map of the United States with North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. highlighted.

North Carolina

Commissioned on a proposed studio development in Charlotte to provide site reviews, competing facility reviews, advising elected officials and local business leaders on incentives and infrastructures.


Initial review of a proposed studio development in Cleveland. Advised potential developers, investors and local government officials on potential studio locations and viability of the proposed project.


Comprehensive Market, Studio Service, Site Planning and Financial Analysis for a proposed studio in Philadelphia. Advised developer and elected officials on scope and financial impacts.

Washington D.C.

Commissioned to provide Operating Financial Overviews, Design Criteria and Site Planning for a proposed studio based project in downtown Washington D.C.

The interior of a building in North Carolina.
A building in Ohio.
A map of a building in Pennsylvania.
A generated image of a building for Washington D.C.